Book Series


Author Interviews

  1. Gillian McAllister
  2. B.A. Paris
  3. Peter Swanson
  4. Clare Mackintosh
  5. Caroline Kepnes



Top 5

A series giving my “top 5” of the named category:

  1. Top 5 Authors
  2. Top 5 Publishers
  3. Top 5 Characters
  4. Top 5 First Lines



Top Shelf Spotlight

A series giving an insight into books located on my “favourites/top shelf” bookshelves:

  1. ‘The Girl On The Train’ by Paula Hawkins
  2. ‘Her Every Fear’ by Peter Swanson
  3. ‘THE ACCIDENT’ by C.L. Taylor
  4. ‘THE LIE’ by C.L. Taylor
  5. ‘Anything You Do Say’ by Gillian McAllister
  6. ‘Everything But The Truth’ by Gillian McAllister
  7. ‘A Single Breath’ by Lucy Clarke
  8. ‘The Sea Sisters’ by Lucy Clarke



An Introduction to…

Posts in my “an introduction to” (introducing readers to different genres) series:

  1. Psychological Thrillers
  2. Domestic Thrillers
  3. Crime Fiction
  4. Creepy Books (Perfect for Halloween!)
  5. Action Thrillers
  6. Stalker Fiction